We help construction companies to optimize their internal processes in order to be more successful with sales, build efficiently, and increase their profit with proper cost management and cost control in place. 

   the ivd project is a young agency based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are the team of confident, technically educated, self-motivated specialists, who used to work in a team and also deliver super results individually; and we are sure, that our bigger competence is - Complex Problem Solving.

   Our goal is to manage and deliver a full package of Project Management, BIM, Design & other Consulting services related to the building and civil engineering, healthcare, commercial, and industrial projects. For now, we have worked with German, Austrian, Australian, American, Indonesian, Russian, Ukrainian and Gulf Region projects and highly interested in Construction Project Management.

   We believe, we are becoming international specialists, so we can be flexible with our Customers and can share our experience with others.