Looking for a proper Construction Software? Check our research!

A few days ago we received a request, to do a research for construction software.

Main conditions of the task were next:

- should include price books for UK market; - has a build cost estimator for refurbishments, renovations or re-development;

- Includes following:

a) estimations per square meter/feet; b) material cost; c) cost books for electrical, plumbing, engineering etc. d) build/erection time; e) project timeline or gantt charts; f) additional cost during build;

g) and analysis or investment tool;

h) has a mobile/tablet app;

i) Cloud-based;

j) Mac OS friendly.

What a challenging task! After 5-days of brain-storming work and internet research, help of softwareadvice final report with more than 45 pages was presented to the Customer.

Interested in details? Check our next posts!

Video - from here.

To be continued...

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